What type of Camera do you use?
All the earlier pictures on my blog were taken on a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. I used an EF-S 18-55mm lens that came with the camera. I have no photographer background so many of the earlier pictures on my blog are not very good (at all!). In 2012, I started working more on my photography and upgraded to a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens.

What Photo-Editing Software do you use?
I always shoot in natural daylight with my Canon Camera. However, sometimes the lighting conditions aren’t quite where I would like them to be. In this case, I use Adobe Lightroom 3 to slightly edit and brighten my photos.

If I want to create a collage or write on my photos, I use Affinity Designer.

Where do you get your recipes?
I find most of my recipes online (through other blogs or recipe websites) or in baking/cooking books. Sometimes I alter the ingredients and amounts for each recipe. However, for recipes that I feel are already great, I leave as is.
*I always note at the bottom of each recipe who and where I got the recipe from.

Can I substitute this ingredient?
It depends. I always recommend to use the ingredient that the recipe calls for. However, there are some ingredients that work just as well. Feel free to send me a quick email or comment if you are unsure if the substitution with work, and I will answer as quickly as possible.

There is something missing (ingredients/directions) in the recipe.
I’m sorry! Sometimes I type out the recipe too quickly and miss ingredients/steps. Just send me an email about the mistake and I will quickly correct it.

There is a typo/grammar problem on your post.
Once again, I’m sorry! Normally, I have my husband read over the posts to make sure I don’t have any typos or grammar mistakes. However, sometimes I write the posts late at night and don’t have time for my husband to read them over. Please send me an email about the mistake and I will quickly correct it.

Can I use your recipe on my blog/website?
Absolutely! Please just state that you received this recipe from my blog and provide a link back to my blog or the post you received it off of. Also, If I received the recipe from another source, I would suggest to state that source as well.

Can I use your picture on my blog/website?
((In most cases)) Yes! Please state that the picture is taken by me (Krissy) and is from my blog, and also provide a link back to my blog or the post that your received the picture from. If you use more than 2 or 3 pictures, I would appreciate you contact me and let me know.

How many calories does this recipe have? What is the nutritional information?
I do not calculate the nutritional information for any of my recipes. However, you should be able to easily calculate them yourself. There are many online tools to help you do this.

Do you eat all the food you make?
I absolutely taste and try everything I make! I would never share a recipe with you that I don’t think is good enough and not proud of. If my family doesn’t finish all the food I make, then I often give it away to other family and friends, or have my husband bring it into the office. Nothing ever, ever goes to waste!

Negative Comments
This is not so much a question I receive, just an issue I would like to discuss. If you have a negative comment I would appreciate it if you would contact me directly through email. Please do not comment publicly on a post.

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