Hi, I’m Krissy!  This is my blog.


I have 2 passions in life – my family + baking and cooking.  It is inevitable that these passions often collide and I find myself in the kitchen cooking away for a family gathering or just an everyday night with my husband and boys.  It’s easy to say that I spend the majority of my days with family and in the kitchen.  I take care of my 2 beautiful boys — Ezekiel and Noah, and play house with my wonderful Husband, Steve.

This passion for cooking + baking began when my husband started playing Professional Baseball.  He left for the season and I had much more time on my hands.  I got in the kitchen and haven’t left!  My passion continues to grow, and so do my kitchen skills.  I’m confident in the kitchen and there isn’t anything I won’t try.

I started Krissy’s Creations to show people my love for cooking and baking.  To show them that anyone ((even a self-taught, learn-as-you-go cook)) can get in the kitchen and make anything they wish.  You just need to be confident and determined and you can achieve anything your heart desires!


Quick Facts About Me //

  • I’m born & raised in beautiful San Diego, CA.
  • God is my #1, my husband is my #2, and my boys are ((equally)) my #3.
  • I married my best friend and high school sweetheart // My husband and I dated in 7th grade, broke up (because who actually really dates in middle school), were best friends all throughout high school, and started dating again senior year of high school.  We’ve been together ever since, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • I am mom to 2 of the best little boys on this planet!  Ezekiel and Noah are the light of my life and I would do absolutely anything for them. Like seriously, anything.
  • My favorite sweets are ice cream and cookies.  Even better – an ice cream sandwhich.
  • I have only read 1 book cover-to-cover.  I’m more of a baker than a reader.
  • I love fashion and all things girly, but ((mostly)) every day you will find me in a basic tee, leggings, and running shoes.
  • I love to travel and experience new places, but am afraid of the actual traveling part. Go figure.
  • I record every episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show and E News, and my current favorite TV show is Scandal.  My ultimate one being Friends — always and forever.
  • My husband and I own a small-business where we sell Sporting Goods online.  It’s called WinnSports.  Look it up — You might find some running shoes you’ve been really wanting.
  • I eat dessert every night.  It’s my thing and I will never change that.  To balance it out, I try and eat super healthy during the day and rarely eat wheat and dairy.
  • My new favorite thing is to walk with my boys.  It also helps that it keeps me active and fit.  Win-win.
  • My first dessert I ever made was Funfetti Cake out of a box.  It was delicious then and still is now. All hail Funfetti.
  • Home is my happy place.  There is literally no place I would rather be than at home with my husband + my boys + and my, crazy-hyper-but-super-cute, dog, Adi.


Family pictures taken by Zandry from zandryanna photography & design.


  • Reply Kathryn May 1, 2015 at 8:36 am

    Krissy your drive, passion, love for God, life and family, and your gift in the kitchen bless so many people! So proud of you. I love how you’ve refreshed and reinvented your blog and can’t wait to experience your new posts from afar…just another way to get bit more of you (and my nephews) into my life…since I’m not just down the street anymore. Love you!

  • Reply sahra May 14, 2016 at 6:28 pm

    girl, you are the best chief ever you inspried me to cook. I thank you so much

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