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Gourmet [Kobe Beef] Hot Dog

May 26, 2011
Hot dogs are the big thing right now.  And they are not the normal hot dogs with ketchup and mustard.  They are gourmet dogs.  Hot dogs that are more refined.  More “upscale” and unique ingredients are included and topped on these new kinds of hot dogs.  They are all the rage right now and popping up everywhere… especially in gastropubs (which is a bar and restaurant that serves high-end beer and food).
Steve and I love going to gastropubs and our favorite is located in downtown San Diego, called Neighborhood.  Here is where we were introduced to this new trend.  There is a hot dog item on the menu that Steve loves.  He holds this hot dog very close to the top of his favorite foods (maybe even at the top).
Ever since we were introduced to this new world of hot dogs we have always wanted to try and make one of our own.  Make one that is close to this favorite hot dog at Neighborhood, maybe even better!
So just a couple weeks ago we tried one out and… wow… it was good!  I’ll tell you what, I’m not that big of a meat eater.  No big reason, just I’m not that inclined to the taste anymore.  However, this hot dog was even amazing to me!
What made this hot dog were the high quality ingredients.  This is key!  You need good ingredients to produce good product.  The starting point to this hot dog was the actual dog – it was made of Kobe Beef.  Yes!  Kobe Beef!  One of the highest quality of meats out there!  Just this on its own would have been good, but of course you can’t stop there.  Fresh avocado was spread on a fresh and fluffy bun.  Then it was topped with homemade pickled carrots, grilled onions, and queso fresco (a Mexican crumbling cheese).  Ok… so if your mouth watering?  Mine is!
This definitely was the best hot dog I have ever had!  As for Steve… it made it up to the top of his list!  He loved it!  I actually had to rush and take pictures of the hot dog because Steve couldn’t wait to eat one 🙂.  The Kobe Beef dog was juicy, tender, and incredibly flavorful.  Then the toppings went together perfectly and created excellent texture and taste.  Sooooo good!
Gourmet hot dogs will definitely be making more appearances in our kitchen.  I have already been envisioning some new and unique flavor combinations that I can’t wait to try!
Oh, and guess what!  The new food network magazine came out today and guess what is on it… gourmet hot dogs! See, I told you they are the fad 🙂.
Now go make one for yourself!

Kobe Beef Hot Dogs
For Printable Recipe, Click here!
Makes: 5 Hot Dogs
*Kobe Beef Hot Dogs – These can be found at most specialty food stores.  If you can’t find them, any good quality, all natural, beef hot dog will work.
*5 Hot Dog Buns – A good quality bun really makes the Hot Dog.  We found ours in the bakery section of the grocery store.
*2 Avocados
*1 Onion, Sliced
*1 tsp Olive Oil
* ¼ cup Pickled Carrots – I made my own pickled carrots.  However, you can normally find them at the specialty food store.  You can always use normal carrots if you like.
* ¼ cup Queso Fresco – This is a Mexican crumbling cheese, which can be found in the cheese isle at the grocery store.
Pepper to taste
To make the hot dogs, grill them on medium heat until they plump. While the hot dogs are cooking, sauté the onions on the stove in a non-stick pan.  Sauté in the olive oil until browned and caramelized.
Place the buns on the grill for a couple minutes just to toast them.  Smear some avocado on both sides of each hot dug bun.
When the hot dogs are finished cooking, place 1 hot dog in each bun.  Divide the onions and the pickled carrots evenly among each hot dog.  Sprinkle some Queso Fresco on each hot dog, and top with some fresh cracked pepper.   Serve warm and enjoy 🙂!

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  • Melissa May 26, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    Super weird… my mouth is watering and I don’t even eat hotdogs or grilled onions! I think you got me on the queso fresco and avocado!

  • glaadisbaaaad January 23, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    The picture of the half eaten dog almost made me bite a chunk out of my laptop! lol yummo!